Hungry Hippos


To collect more beanbags than the other teams.


Skateboards / Dollys with Rope attached

Washing up Bowl

Bean Bags (or Plastic Balls) don’t roll all over the place, so we use beanbags.


In the case of three teams playing, they are set apart as if at the points of a triangle; if four teams play, they are set apart as if at the corners of a square. Place lots of beanbags on the floor in the middle, equally placed from the teams. Each team has a skateboard with a rope attached at the rear, they also have a washing up bowl in which to collect their beanbags.

The members of each team take it in turns to ride face down to collect one beanbag from the pile in the middle. The team pull the attached rope to bring them back. The bean bag is placed in their bowl and the next person goes. At the end, the teams count their beanbags to decide the winning team.

Another version uses plastic pool balls and they can scoop them up by placing a bowl on top of them to drag them bag. The team that collects the most, wins.


Make sure the players understand not to get their fingers under the wheels, it hurts.

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